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How to Draw Comic Style Eyes – Step by Step on Skillshare

How to Draw Comic Style Eyes
How to Draw Comic Style Eyes

In these lessons you will learn how to draw eyes in a variety of ways. You will learn how to draw eyes on an angle. We will cover how to break down the eye shapes and what to look for when drawing male or female eyes. Then you will learn how to draw youthful or aged eyes. You will also learn some rendering techniques along the way.

This class is 5 lessons / 1 Hour Total. These lessons are not software specific and they only focus on the drawing techniques.

Lesson 1 – Constructing the Eye

Lesson 2 – Drawing Eyes on an Angle

Lesson 3 – Drawing Male Vs Female Eyes

Lesson 4 – Drawing Eyes with Anger and Fear

Lesson 5 – Drawing an Eye Young and Old

You will also get the art files to work along with.

Let me know what you think of these lessons and I am here if you have any questions!

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Creature Design Course – Coming Soon!

Next up…Designing Cool Creature Concepts

Creature Design Sketches by RAM
Creature Design Sketches by RAM

Ever wonder how people come up with tons of great ideas? Do they just have some sixth sense when it comes to illustrating fantastical beasts? Nah! They just know you need to study from nature more. Animals, insects, plants, sea life, even microscopic life forms will give you all you need to create that next mythological monster.

So in this next series of lessons we delve into that concept. I will show you how to create studies from the spine of various animals to have a foundation for your creature design. We will talk about the importance of quick thumbnails to explore a multitude of ideas. Then we will cover Predators versus Prey and what some of the noticeable differences are. Then we will put it all in action with a creature concept or two.

This will all be in a drawing style and not software specific so that digital and traditional artists can follow along. Working on the lessons now so check back for updates if you are interested.

Get theses lessons on my Skillshare or Gumroad in the links below.

Skillshare Classes – https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/ramstudioscomics

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Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions!

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Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 – Character Design

Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 – Character Design

In this Course you will learn How to Create a Fantasy Art Character from the rough sketch all the way to the finished paint work. We start with the drawing process and I explain how to make changes to the concept and not get too worried about everything being perfect in the beginning. There are lots of ways to edit the work and keep pressing forward within Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.

We will then cover how to lay in the base paint work and use that to create and save our selections. You will learn how to use the layers to aid in your painting process, as well as how to work in a non-destructive approach.

Once the foundational information is in place we will begin to apply our digital painting effects with a variety of brushes. ( You will get access to all the brushes I use in this Course. )

You will also learn how to create and apply a texture effect for the chain mail on the characters armor. We will be using the “Distort” and “Mesh Transformation” features to accomplish this.

Through this course you will learn how to use : Layers and Groups, Combine Modes ( Blending Modes ), Custom Brushes, Hard and Soft Edge Shadows, Layer Masks, Quick Masks, Blending Brushes, Tonal Correction, Mirrored Windows, as well as General Drawing and Painting Techniques.

This course is 9 Hours and 17 Minutes total run time. 35 Individual Lessons.

You get the Layered Art Files and the Custom Brushes to work along with.

I am here if you have any questions or feedback for me to make this a better Course for everyone. So please feel free to let me know!

I hope you find this content to be extremely informative and good luck with your ART! 😉

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Robert A. Marzullo

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Learn to Draw Action Heroes – Available for Pre-Order

Learn to Draw Actions Heroes – Step by Step

Super excited to share that my new book, “Learn to Draw Action Heroes” is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! I just received my advanced copies and the quality and page layouts are sweet. Impact Books does a tremendous job putting all this content together. The art isn’t half bad either. 😉

The actual book will be available on September 13th 2017. It is 144 page step by step guide to drawing superheroes. I tried my very best to make this extremely comprehensive and easy to follow along with. This should be a great beginner to intermediate guide for comic book artists.

I go through various parts of the body and show lots of break downs. I have always learned the most from these types of studies so I felt it made the most sense to teach others in this manner.

Here is a sample page to check out the look –

Learn to Draw Action Heroes Sample Page
Learn to Draw Action Heroes Sample Page

You can get your Pre-Order copy here on Amazon –


If you prefer a Digital Copy then you can get that now here on the

North light Store –  https://www.northlightshop.com/how-to-draw-comic-book-heroes-r4576

If you get a copy of the book I would love to know what you think!

Thank you for your support and good luck with your art.

Robert A. Marzullo

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