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Creature Design – Drawing the Spider Queen

In this video I show the drawing process of this creature concept. I also talk about some of the ideas that went into this style of drawing.

This original artwork was inspired by Jorogumo from Japanese folklore. I created my own version of this concept in a more american comics style.

I hope you enjoy the work and more is on the way. If you want to see this finished artwork please visit our comics gallery here –

Comic Art Gallery

Thanks for stopping by and more on the way real soon!

Robert A. Marzullo

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Creature Design Course – Coming Soon!

Next up…Designing Cool Creature Concepts

Creature Design Sketches by RAM
Creature Design Sketches by RAM

Ever wonder how people come up with tons of great ideas? Do they just have some sixth sense when it comes to illustrating fantastical beasts? Nah! They just know you need to study from nature more. Animals, insects, plants, sea life, even microscopic life forms will give you all you need to create that next mythological monster.

So in this next series of lessons we delve into that concept. I will show you how to create studies from the spine of various animals to have a foundation for your creature design. We will talk about the importance of quick thumbnails to explore a multitude of ideas. Then we will cover Predators versus Prey and what some of the noticeable differences are. Then we will put it all in action with a creature concept or two.

This will all be in a drawing style and not software specific so that digital and traditional artists can follow along. Working on the lessons now so check back for updates if you are interested.

Get theses lessons on my Skillshare or Gumroad in the links below.

Skillshare Classes – https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/ramstudioscomics

My Gumroad –


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Robert A. Marzullo

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