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Video Tutorials by Ram Studios Comics
Video Tutorials by Ram Studios Comics

Video Tutorials – Youtube

I have been actively contributing video tutorials to Youtube for almost 5 years now. I really can’t believe it.  Almost 5 years later and over 400 videos on various drawing and digital painting techniques.  And some of them are just me rambling about whatever pops into my head that day.  I truly enjoy it and the response from artists on there is sometimes appsolutely amazing.  Of course I do get the occasional negative comment but such is life!

Here are a few of my more popular video tutorials so be sure to check them out and let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy them! 😉

Drawing with the Andrew Loomis Method in Sketchbook Pro

 In this video tutorial I am using the Andrew Loomis method in Sketchbook Pro 8.  I am just trying new things as I always do when it comes to art and I wanted to share that process with you.

How to Improve Your Figure Drawings

In this video tutorial I explain a few simple steps to drawing the human figure quickly and consistently.  I show you a method that I use to draw the body by first placing the larger forms, then adding the limbs.  I find that if you first draw the head, torso, and pelvic the rest of the process becomes pretty easy to do.  I also show you why this method will simplify drawing the human body in perspective as well.

How to Draw Muscular Legs – Tutorial

In this video tutorial I talk about how to draw the male muscular leg.  This is a step by step tutorial that I created in Sketchbook Pro 8 but the same rules apply to traditional art as well.

Drawing the Villain Thanos – Marvel Comics Fan Art – Narrated

 In this video I draw Thanos from Marvel Comics and talk about the process and what I learned from this piece. I created this in Procreate on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

Illustrating the Leg Anatomy – Step by Step Study 

In this video tutorial I illustrate the leg anatomy step by step.  I show where the muscles are on the front and back of the legs.

Creating Comics on the iPad Pro with Procreate – Inking Catwoman

In this video I show the interface of Procreate as I ink Catwoman. I am using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to show How to draw comic art.  I talk about some of the features that make inking in this program not only fun to do but very effective. I have had lots of questions on whether or not this device can replace a Cintiq and a desktop computer.  So I also touch on that subject as well.  In this video I talk mainly about how to ink cleaner lines and how to use the selection tool to create your fills. I also show you how to change your line color on a individual layer very quickly.

How to Draw Arms Step by Step – Narrated Tutorial

In this lesson I cover how to break down the arm with basic shapes. This is a free lesson from my course on How to Improve Your Figure Drawing Step by Step. This will allow you to try part of the course and see if you find value in my teachings.

How to Make a Custom Brush in Manga Studio 5 – Clip Studio Paint – Tutorial 

In this video I show you how to make a custom alien tech brush effect in Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint. This is a ribbon effect that will draw along the direction that you push the pattern in. I talk about how to use the curve tool with this program to draw out clean lines for your selection as well.


Video Tutorials by Ram Studios Comics




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