The Blackstone Eternal Comic Book

Blackstone is a comic that I have worked on for many years.  He is a character that has recklessly traveled through space destroying many in his path with no empathy whatsoever.  Now it is all coming back to haunt him and at the worst possible time.  He is dealing with a creature that has attached itself to his back and will no longer let him hurt innocent lifeforms.  And if that wasn’t enough there is a race of beings that are slowly destroying the galaxy one world at a time and he knows he is the only one that can stop them….but will he?  With everyone out to capture or kill him, why would he want to be the hero now anyways.

So that is the short story.  You will have to buy the book if you want to know more of course. 😉

The Blackstone Eternal comic book is now available on my Gumroad for digital download ( PDF ) and also on Indyplanet for Print on Demand.  I am currently working on book #2 and trying to get it off to print.  A lot of things get in the way of the process.  Like my day to day commercial work to keep the studio going but as soon as I can dedicate more time to it I will be back on the book.  It is one of the reasons I have a Patreon so that I can hopefully spend more time creating the comic and doing shows.

So if you are interested in getting a copy and finding out more about this superhero misfit here is the link –

You can get your Print on Demand copy here at Indyplanet –

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