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Comic Book Heroes Pose Pack

Comic Book Heroes Pose Pack

Comic book heroes pose pack
Comic book heroes pose pack by RAM

I am now offering a pose pack on my Gumroad. These poses will be mainly in a mannequin style like you see above to help with your drawing process. This will be a full collection of all my comic book poses that I have created and refined over the years, as well as many new ideas that I have planned.

This set will include action poses such as running, flying, punching, kicking, lifting objects, etc. And I will be creating poses with two or more characters as well. It will also include basic poses such as eating dinner at a table, having a conversation, and hand gestures. These often get overlooked in these types of packs and are just as important to telling a great story.

You can sign up for the Ram Studios Comics newsletter and get some free poses each month but for this full collection head over to my Gumroad here – https://gum.co/UJaJe

By getting the pose pack now you will lock in at a lower price. I will be adding more poses as they are created and the price will increase over time as the pack gets larger. So act now and save some coin in the process. It also helps me to know how many people find value in this product and to dedicate my time accordingly. These poses are in a PSD format and the lineart is on its own layer. Other formats will be available soon.

Thank you for supporting my work and good luck with your comics!

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics