Custom Brushes

I have been creating custom brushes for over 15 years.  I started by giving away a lot of my brush packs and then over time I began to offer a few paid sets.  It has since then become a bit of a profession for me.  I won’t be retiring any time soon from it but it definitely helps cover costs and it appears to be something that my fellow artists enjoy.  So I continue to make them.  One of the neat things about this process is as I create a new set I use the feedback from artists that use them to make them better.  So of my best brush ideas were from suggestions from current users.  I think in the end it helps us all out which is always a sign of a good relationship.

Photoshop Custom Brushes Comic Inking
Photoshop Custom Brushes Digital Painting Set
Manga Studio 5 Clip Studio Paint Custom Brushes
Manga Studio 5 Clip Studio Paint Comic Inking Brushes
Manga Studio Brushes Clip Studio Paint Pro Brush Set
Manga Studio Brushes Clip Studio Paint Pro Brush Set


Comic Art and Resources

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