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I have been an artist my entire life.  As long as I could put a crayon or pencil to paper I remember doing so.  My mother always gave me the courage to be an artist and has always been my biggest fan and supporter.  I didn’t know I wanted to do art for a living until I was 15 years old and had to relocate to Michigan and picked back up on comics.  I had already collected a few comics but never really thought much about creating the art for them.  Then when I started back at age 15 I saw Spider-man #1 by Todd McFarlane and I was simply impressed. The dynamic way in which he illustrated the story changed my view on comics and also gave me the inspiration to want to draw them for a living.

So I started dedicating a huge amount of my time practicing the art of comics.  I drew them more than anything else and I was obsessive to say the least.  My friends would all make fun of me for drawing every chance I got.  Hence forth all the funny caricatures I made of them to get my revenge over the years!  I got my first big break when I was 18 years old.  I had been sharing my artwork at a local comic shop.  They were nice enough to let me pinup my stuff which I thought was the coolest thing ever.  A publisher by the name of Tyme Press saw the work and hired me to illustrate their books.  I created the artwork for 4 of their books named Aerial and Assault.  They were picked up by Diamond Distribution and sold nationally and even internationally.  I had now hit the big time!  Alas, it didn’t make me the fat cash I had hoped for but I was still as happy as any comic dude could be.

Needing to make a living with my efforts I got into a graphic shop named Michigan Window Tinting and Fine Arts where I could use my drawings to create stickers.  Or as I liked to call them, “High Performance Vinyl Graphics!”  Yeah, I know….stickers.  I did this for many years while I created short stories and book covers for various publishers on the side.  I did 3D animation for television where I created characters and logos.  At age 25  I started my own graphics and detailing business that I ran successfully for 15 years.  We had some great times.  Over those years I had friends work with me and we did a lot of fun events and made some good money at times.  But as time progressed I did less and less art which started to take its toll.  I also started to realize that even though I had some minor success as a business man it was not where my heart or my sanity belonged.  Ultimately I was beginning to become an unhappy person.  I was blessed to  become a father of a beautiful baby boy named Roman when I was 38 and that also made me rethink where I was heading.  I didn’t doubt that I could make enough money doing what I was doing but I often had to work late hours and my studio was miles from home and away from my baby boy.  So I did the hardest and scariest thing to do and that was to close a successful business and take a risk on my talent. With the support and love of my beautiful lady Jessica I went for it.  I wanted her permission since this was a huge choice for our family.  She agreed that this was the best thing to do and we made the leap of faith.  I had just become a father and I felt that it was important to not only be successful at something I love but also to be happy in that process.  After all, that happiness or stressfulness would somehow effect our relationship and my son down the road.  So happiness it must be!  And I truly believe that to be the very best at what you choose to do is directly related to the passion that you have for doing it.

I have been working from a home studio for almost 2 years now and I love it!  I create comics once again for myself.  The Blackstone Comic which you can get on my Gumroad and I also create Storyboards for TV commercials.  My Youtube channel is growing really fast and I now help other artists with their goals.  So God has truly blessed me and I am eternally grateful for everything that has happened.  I wish I could have spent more time in those 15 years creating comics but everything happens for a reason.  So now I can make the best of what I am doing at this moment and also spend more time with my son.

I know that was a lot to take in but I want you to know where I have been so you can better understand where I am going.  I have always been extremely motivated and now that motivation will be to create comics and storytelling while sharing that experience with you, so I hope you will join the journey with me and good luck with your art!😉

Robert A. Marzullo

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